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Having emerged from the late 70's British punk scene as a live musician playing in several bands up until the early 80's, Paul Mex moved into music production.

As a producer he has been involved in recordings that accumulate to nearly a million sales, had chart success & worked with a host of diverse artists ranging from 'pop stars' Wham!, to respected 'jazz-rock' musician, Robert Wyatt.

In his time he has also been involved with the formation of small labels & consulted for music production companies. Consequently, he is a veteran when it comes to knowing music industry protocol, having worked & produced recordings for independents such as Big Life & Zomba, right up to majors like PolyGram.

His varied background creates the perfect combination of cultural, artistic & technical experience for working on a variety of projects, whether it is an extra song needed for an album, a new artist requiring qualified production, a club remix, or an 'off the wall' consultation.

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